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The Random AU Scenario Meme [ver. EM]

RNG 1-12 for AU type. And then 1-6 for specifics!

1. Fame and Fortune
2. Services Careers
3. The Darker Side of Crime
4. Supernatural
5. Fantasy and Mythology
6. Powers and Superhumans
7. Daily Life Settings
8. Unusual Worlds
9. Era/Technology
10. Sexy AUs
11. Fandom Fusion AU
12. Alternate Realities


1. Fame and Fortune:
1. Royalty AU
2. Pop Group/Singer or Rock Band/Singer AU
3. Socialite AU
4. Actor/Actress AU
5. Model/Fashion Designer AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

2. Services Careers:
1. Teacher or Professor AU
2. Police Detective AU
3. Fireman AU
4. Lawyer AU
5. Doctor/Medical Practictioner AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

3. The Darker Side of Crime:
1. Noir Detective AU
2. Criminal AU
3. Spy AU
4. Con Artist AU
5. Private Investigator AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

4. Supernatural:
1. Vampire AU
2. Werewolf AU
3. Ghost AU
4. Shapeshifter AU
5. Angel and/or Demon AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

5. Fantasy and Mythology:
1. Animal Transformation AU (full/partial)
2. Fairy Tale AU
3. Mermaid AU
4. God and Goddess AU
5. Pirate AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

6. Powers and Superhumans:
1. Fairyfolk/Elementals AU
2. Superhero and villain AU
3. X-Men/General Mutant AU
4. Elves, Goblins and Trolls (or whatever!), oh my!
5. Mundane AU (If original fandom is full of characters with powers/who are not human)
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

7. Daily Life Settings:
1. Coffee Shop AU
2. Roomates AU
3. High School/College AU
4. Road Trip/Long Journey AU
5. Shopping For-
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

8. Unusual Worlds:
1. Underwater Base AU
2. Space Ship AU
3. Soulmate/Soulbond AU
4. Genderswap AU (permanent or temporary!)
5. A/B/O AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

9. Era/Technology:
1. Modern AU (If original fandom is not set in modern times)/ Regency AU
2. Cyberpunk AU
3. Western AU
4. Apocalypse AU (Zombie/Disease/War)
5. Steampunk AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

10. Sexy AUs:
1. Hooker AU
2. Pornstar AU
3. BDSM Club
4. Strip Club AU
5. Burlesque Show AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

11. Fandom Fusion AU:
1. Hunger Games AU
2. Daemon/His Dark Materials AU
3. Hogwarts AU
4. Pokemon AU
5. Pacific Rim AU (Drift compatible?)
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

12. Alternate Realities:
1. What if x-character had never been born/existed into their world? (Can be one of the played characters trying to convince another they existed and knew one another, or can be what happens to other characters if - for example - the protag of the story never existed. Would someone else step up instead?)
2. What if x-character had made a different decision? (Cite a canon point and the choice made, and then justify and play out what would've happened if they'd gone a different way!)
3. What if x-character was a different age during the events in canon? If they were older or younger could they influence more or less, or be protected from more or less, or capable of more or less?
4. What if x-characters were actually siblings? Or if x-characters who are already WEREN'T siblings?
5. What if x-character was rich/poor instead of their canon situation?
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

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Captain Marvelous | Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

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[ OTA! ]
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8-5; just setting this up

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[Everyone thought that AkaRed was an Alpha. Or whatever the galactic term is for what's known back on Earth as 'Alpha'. Dominant, aggressive in battle, strong and brave and very protective of his small crew... He seemed to show just about every quality related to a heroic Alpha pirate.

Except he isn't. He's what his fellow Earthlings called an 'Omega.' Those who are usually seen as submissive, weak, and meant for bearing children and being in supportive roles. Those who are stereotyped as being extra needing and yearning to be knocked up when they go into heat.

AkaRed hated being seen like that, and he'd be damned if he'd ever let anyone get even one hint of a clue of his true nature. Especially the Zangyack. But that meant taking suppressants that made his scent act more like that of an Alpha then as an Omega, and those were not cheap nor easy to find without seeing any kind of doctor. And it's extra difficult to do so when one does have a certain apprentice aboard.

One who is a natural Alpha. And as much as AkaRed is glad to have Marvelous on his ship and helping him find all the Ranger Keys, part of him is still skittish about getting any closer to his young crewmate. He can't afford to go into heat around him - not until AkaRed completes his personal quest...

And yet, Fate finds him in such a difficult situation. A series of run-ins with Zangyack Action Commanders have delayed reaching the next safe port, which in turn has caused certain supplies to run low. To AkaRed's horror, that includes his suppressants. If he continued taking the usual one pill a day, he wouldn't have enough to reach that safe haven. But if he only took half a pill, he might make it...at the risk of it not being as effective.

After several long minutes of deep thinking, he decided to take the risk, praying that his age would help keep any signs of his true nature showing.

By the fourth day of the half-doses, though, it's becoming clear as to why doctors warn about being on suppressants for so long. His body is slowly getting warmer than usual, and it's giving off a light, sweet scent that would appeal to any Alpha. He keeps feeling this urge to be close to Marvelous, to get closer to him than he normally would. Instead of his body's age lowering the chance of a heat, it's only allowed that heat to sneak up on him after not having one in so many, many years.

It's taking all of his willpower to stay at the helm, gripping the wheel tightly, back straight as a rod, and resist the temptation that is called 'Marvelous'. And yet, it's not getting easier to focus on guiding the ship thru an asteroid field and avoid detection from any enemies that way...