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The Random AU Scenario Meme [ver. EM]

RNG 1-12 for AU type. And then 1-6 for specifics!

1. Fame and Fortune
2. Services Careers
3. The Darker Side of Crime
4. Supernatural
5. Fantasy and Mythology
6. Powers and Superhumans
7. Daily Life Settings
8. Unusual Worlds
9. Era/Technology
10. Sexy AUs
11. Fandom Fusion AU
12. Alternate Realities


1. Fame and Fortune:
1. Royalty AU
2. Pop Group/Singer or Rock Band/Singer AU
3. Socialite AU
4. Actor/Actress AU
5. Model/Fashion Designer AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

2. Services Careers:
1. Teacher or Professor AU
2. Police Detective AU
3. Fireman AU
4. Lawyer AU
5. Doctor/Medical Practictioner AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

3. The Darker Side of Crime:
1. Noir Detective AU
2. Criminal AU
3. Spy AU
4. Con Artist AU
5. Private Investigator AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

4. Supernatural:
1. Vampire AU
2. Werewolf AU
3. Ghost AU
4. Shapeshifter AU
5. Angel and/or Demon AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

5. Fantasy and Mythology:
1. Animal Transformation AU (full/partial)
2. Fairy Tale AU
3. Mermaid AU
4. God and Goddess AU
5. Pirate AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

6. Powers and Superhumans:
1. Fairyfolk/Elementals AU
2. Superhero and villain AU
3. X-Men/General Mutant AU
4. Elves, Goblins and Trolls (or whatever!), oh my!
5. Mundane AU (If original fandom is full of characters with powers/who are not human)
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

7. Daily Life Settings:
1. Coffee Shop AU
2. Roomates AU
3. High School/College AU
4. Road Trip/Long Journey AU
5. Shopping For-
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

8. Unusual Worlds:
1. Underwater Base AU
2. Space Ship AU
3. Soulmate/Soulbond AU
4. Genderswap AU (permanent or temporary!)
5. A/B/O AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

9. Era/Technology:
1. Modern AU (If original fandom is not set in modern times)/ Regency AU
2. Cyberpunk AU
3. Western AU
4. Apocalypse AU (Zombie/Disease/War)
5. Steampunk AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

10. Sexy AUs:
1. Hooker AU
2. Pornstar AU
3. BDSM Club
4. Strip Club AU
5. Burlesque Show AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

11. Fandom Fusion AU:
1. Hunger Games AU
2. Daemon/His Dark Materials AU
3. Hogwarts AU
4. Pokemon AU
5. Pacific Rim AU (Drift compatible?)
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

12. Alternate Realities:
1. What if x-character had never been born/existed into their world? (Can be one of the played characters trying to convince another they existed and knew one another, or can be what happens to other characters if - for example - the protag of the story never existed. Would someone else step up instead?)
2. What if x-character had made a different decision? (Cite a canon point and the choice made, and then justify and play out what would've happened if they'd gone a different way!)
3. What if x-character was a different age during the events in canon? If they were older or younger could they influence more or less, or be protected from more or less, or capable of more or less?
4. What if x-characters were actually siblings? Or if x-characters who are already WEREN'T siblings?
5. What if x-character was rich/poor instead of their canon situation?
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

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[He figured that with the particular career choice that he had picked up, Jin probably wasn't going to be living a particularly long lifestyle. (Never mind the terrible decision that was sleeping with an incubus on the regular – it was probably only because of his own stubborn will that he hadn’t been completely drained yet.) It was why he tended to approach most things with reckless abandon, consequences be damned. It wasn't always the most ideal way of going about it, he could admit freely, but it suited him.

However, there was that looming threat of things coming to an end; and in a sense, they had. He had taken the call quickly enough – it was just supposed to be a routine staking of a couple of vamps at the seedier section of the city – but things of course had to get complicated.

It was an ambush.

In his defense, Jin had fought hard against them, and had taken at least a couple of the vamps out before getting slammed into several hard surfaces – ribs were cracked, he was sure he had a concussion, wrist broken and arm nearly dislocated out of his shoulder when he had tried to weakly fight back, along with multiple slashes across all of his body – and left in the alley to bleed out from his injuries. Of course, he was defiant until the end, never giving them the permission they needed to drain him and spitting in their faces when they tried to glamour him, but defiance would only go so far to keep him alive.

The next thing he remembers in the haze is someone asking him if he wanted to live – and it was a moment of weakness, bleeding and in pain when he answered “yes”.

He would later say that was the moment he had truly damned himself.]