callmemicchi: (that don't impress me much)
callmemicchi ([personal profile] callmemicchi) wrote in [community profile] couscoussier 2016-03-29 01:11 pm (UTC)

KINKY 2, hope this works, let me know!

[ Micchi enjoys a good, messy make-out, he really does. It's just that at a certain point having someone squirming on, under, or beside you like an overeager puppy while you kiss and grope one another through the clothes becomes more annoying than sexy.

Besides, people like that tend to get overexcited and ruin carefully laid plans. Micchi doesn't like that. He likes being in control. He sits up across Right's hips, reaching into his bedside drawer for a soft, gauzy scarf and waves it gently in the air. ]

You fidget too much; I'm going to have to tie you down.

[ He does raise an eyebrow as if to ask for Right's consent before actually acting on the words, though. You up for this, Right? ]

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