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The Random AU Scenario Meme [ver. EM]

RNG 1-12 for AU type. And then 1-6 for specifics!

1. Fame and Fortune
2. Services Careers
3. The Darker Side of Crime
4. Supernatural
5. Fantasy and Mythology
6. Powers and Superhumans
7. Daily Life Settings
8. Unusual Worlds
9. Era/Technology
10. Sexy AUs
11. Fandom Fusion AU
12. Alternate Realities


1. Fame and Fortune:
1. Royalty AU
2. Pop Group/Singer or Rock Band/Singer AU
3. Socialite AU
4. Actor/Actress AU
5. Model/Fashion Designer AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

2. Services Careers:
1. Teacher or Professor AU
2. Police Detective AU
3. Fireman AU
4. Lawyer AU
5. Doctor/Medical Practictioner AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

3. The Darker Side of Crime:
1. Noir Detective AU
2. Criminal AU
3. Spy AU
4. Con Artist AU
5. Private Investigator AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

4. Supernatural:
1. Vampire AU
2. Werewolf AU
3. Ghost AU
4. Shapeshifter AU
5. Angel and/or Demon AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

5. Fantasy and Mythology:
1. Animal Transformation AU (full/partial)
2. Fairy Tale AU
3. Mermaid AU
4. God and Goddess AU
5. Pirate AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

6. Powers and Superhumans:
1. Fairyfolk/Elementals AU
2. Superhero and villain AU
3. X-Men/General Mutant AU
4. Elves, Goblins and Trolls (or whatever!), oh my!
5. Mundane AU (If original fandom is full of characters with powers/who are not human)
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

7. Daily Life Settings:
1. Coffee Shop AU
2. Roomates AU
3. High School/College AU
4. Road Trip/Long Journey AU
5. Shopping For-
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

8. Unusual Worlds:
1. Underwater Base AU
2. Space Ship AU
3. Soulmate/Soulbond AU
4. Genderswap AU (permanent or temporary!)
5. A/B/O AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

9. Era/Technology:
1. Modern AU (If original fandom is not set in modern times)/ Regency AU
2. Cyberpunk AU
3. Western AU
4. Apocalypse AU (Zombie/Disease/War)
5. Steampunk AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

10. Sexy AUs:
1. Hooker AU
2. Pornstar AU
3. BDSM Club
4. Strip Club AU
5. Burlesque Show AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

11. Fandom Fusion AU:
1. Hunger Games AU
2. Daemon/His Dark Materials AU
3. Hogwarts AU
4. Pokemon AU
5. Pacific Rim AU (Drift compatible?)
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

12. Alternate Realities:
1. What if x-character had never been born/existed into their world? (Can be one of the played characters trying to convince another they existed and knew one another, or can be what happens to other characters if - for example - the protag of the story never existed. Would someone else step up instead?)
2. What if x-character had made a different decision? (Cite a canon point and the choice made, and then justify and play out what would've happened if they'd gone a different way!)
3. What if x-character was a different age during the events in canon? If they were older or younger could they influence more or less, or be protected from more or less, or capable of more or less?
4. What if x-characters were actually siblings? Or if x-characters who are already WEREN'T siblings?
5. What if x-character was rich/poor instead of their canon situation?
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

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[His head snaps up in what could only be described as a smooth movement, eyes narrowing slightly.]

Why? You and I made it very fucking clear we don't like each other. So. Why go out of your way like this.

[There's a pause, and he puts a hand to his face, and his hand jerks back slightly as he feels the fangs.]

Unless Dusty put you up to this - goddammit.
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[He was going to make an interesting vampire if he lived long enough. He was moving a lot less like his human self but he still had the humanity and anger that Tarr thought was a part of that annoyance that was Jin.]

Dusty doesn't know what happened to you. He lost contact with you over a week ago and was concerned.

[Jin could probably figure out from that the rest of the story. Tarr didn't care, but Dusty did and Tarr always was putty towards whatever Dusty wanted. Well. Not always but it would seem that way to a lot of people.]

If I walk away, you will go out that door and become what you really hate. Not someone with control and years of experience, but one that is just appetite on legs, and this place is in the center of a residential area.

[Let him think on that, his face blank and hard and a little crack appearing, one of regret that this was the choice for Jin. He had been such a lively human; it was a pity really.]

As much as I found you annoying, I do not like that idea. There is no brood that can take you in either; the closest one I can think of is at their max capacity, so I can sponsor you enough until you're able to survive without being too stupid. I have done it before.
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[He cuts himself off, turning around and gritting his teeth. Of course he's been gone for a while - he knew that being turned took time and a lot of energy. The thought of him being missing for so long had given him a small sense of dread, but also anger - never mind the fact that he knew Tarr was right. If he left now, he was guaranteed to succumb to his bloodlust and become the very thing that he hated, no turning back.

If his heart was still beating, it would be thundering in his chest, but the silence was almost worse.

He slowly turns back around to watch Tarr with a confused expression, only for him to let out a huff of air, idly running his tongue over the point of one of his fangs and scowling at it.]

Gee, thanks. Should I call you 'step-dad', then, considering I'm pretty sure you slaughtered my maker?
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[He just waits even if he knew there was a clock ticking. Jin was still holding onto his humanity fairly well, still able to take in information and digest it, but sooner of later the hungry would hit and he would go feral. From the looks of it, it didn't seem that Jin wanted to be left alone so he was going to have to step in when he gets hungry.]


[He nodded at the closer of the bodies. Even with the mangling and draining, there was still a lean, hungry kind of look about it unlike something more like him.]

This is a pack. None of them would make you into a vampire. That would be something that a brood leader would do, and then decided to either make you part of a pack or just let you go feral. In either case, they didn't think you would be useful enough to stand in the brood.
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[It wasn't that he didn't feel the edges of hunger gnawing at him, but the talk was supposed to be helping distract him from it -

Apparently that was already starting to become too much, and what was going to be a smartass retort about apparently not being good enough being honestly something he was okay with was cut off as a low growl settled in his throat. He was starting to become almost hyperaware of the living heartbeats outside, of the blood that thrummed through those that weren't cursed to be in this state. He slowly turns his head toward the door, and there's a wild glint in his eye as he's trying to leave -]

I need it.
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[It wouldn't work in the long run. Tarr was waiting for that moment when the hunger would settle in and make Jin accept the basic fact that this was now going to be his life. At least with a newborn's hunger, he wasn't going to get any moral argument about it. Later one as it became less insistent, he would hear it a lot.]

Yes, you do. [He darted forward to grab him by the scruff of his neck.] Come with me.
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[There was an almost childlike whimper that escapes when Tarr grabs him by the neck, bristling and letting out another hiss as he glares back at him. The hunger seems to be escalating in its intensity since he's been holding it back already, and despite his initial protests, he doesn't seem to be resisting more than that.]

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[He bared his fangs in response, letting Jin feel the power for a moment before pulling it back under control and leading him outside. He was going to have to make a note to come back and take care of the building and the bodies inside, before he tugged the former hunter away from the simple families and small businesses in this area. What they needed was are area filled with crime and the type that clung to the outskirts.

Better prey, easier prey, humans that were either sick in morals or sick and dying and it really doesn't take long to find a pair that would be ideal considering Jin's morals. Cutthroat scum and he let go of Jin then, keeping back and giving him a push forward.]

There's your food.
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[The sensory overload was nearly unbearable add they went outside, and even then most of it felt like a blur. He winced at the display, but fell silent after that, letting himself be led around.

It's then that he's let go, and he looks back to the elder with surprising clarity at first, but it quickly disappears as the hunger takes further hold, head snapping forward to follow the intended targets.

For a newborn, he does seem to take well to stalking his prey, a remnant of his life as a hunter. Even then, it doesn't take him long to overpower them and drain both. He's still too out of it to really comment, but he does at least seem satisfied.]
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[Hunter skills will be useful in his young state. Jin wouldn't be so easy a prey to the hunters crawling around or the older vampires who are far too territorial to let an unattached newborn wander around. His added presence could only protect Jin so much, so he had to make sure before letting him hunt. At least here there wasn't such squabbles for hunting rights - the shifting mess of gangs and dopeheads meant that the vampires either became part of the scene or used it for a quick bite to eat the way humans had their fast food joints. It was the residential areas where terrority disputes came up, mainly because of how quiet they had to be.

The was little alarm, screams normal in this place after all, and after Tarr looked at the bodies before nodding to himself. It was easy enough to drag them to a storm grate and push them inside. Between weather and vermine if they were found a lot of the details of their deaths would be lost and he rarely heard of people caring to know about the deaths of these kind of scum.]

You made a mess of yourself. [Carefully, he led Jin to a leaky pipe and used the water to clean him up with.] Do you feel better?
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[One thing Justin definitely doesn't like to broadcast is the way that his behaviour creates... Ties. Bonds, of a sort. Not the emotional kind like humans tend to form oh so easily, but when you link to someone's lifeforce time and time again it creates a thread between you. Justin can feel the life thrumming in Young-chul, and Jin now too.

The worrying thing is when the buzzing connection that always tickles at the back of his existence flickers out.

Now Justin isn't the type to outright panic, especially not knowing Jin's career as a hunter. Death is a daily risk, a reality. But if anyone was going to kill his human it should've been him! At his time of choosing! Justin heads for the area where he last felt Jin's lifeforce.

It takes a little scouting around to find him. And he's not alone. Justin is happy to ignore the bloodsucker though.]

What the fuck happened? I thought you were dead-!

[He still can't feel anything from Jin. Jin, whose eyes are changed. Whose entire being is changed. The first instinct Justin has is to laugh. A hollow laugh, more shock than amusement.]

You are dead.
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Astute observation.

[He doesn't actually look at the incubus as he took care of the worse of the stains even thoughTarr was paying attention. While he could probably match a weaker demon in strength and speed, he wasn't so sure about one this old and he didn't want to give Jin any reason to go running off in case they did fight. He was too young to have him wandering off even in this place. Hunters knew this area was like the burger joint for the vampire world.]

Someone thought it would be cute to turn him.

[Jin was being complaint and quiet, two things that Tarr never thought he would see whenever he was nearby. He wasn't even sure how he was going to tell this to Dusty, let alone how it would change their strange dynamic. He looked over at least and arched an eyebrow. Oh. No wonder why he sounded familiar.

I didn't know you were linked to the hunter as well.
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Yeah well, I'm not an expect on death - or you fang boys - like some people.

[It's incredibly unnerving to see Jin so silent; shellshocked? Justin only wishes it was the right moment to rub it in that the hunter was still hunting like this, only he's hunting humans now. Just like Justin himself. Jin has no moral high ground anymore.

There will be no fucking anymore. No lifeforce to feed on, no point. That part is disappointing. Justin can find himself other humans nightly if he wishes, but having a couple of human pets had kept him comfortable for a while now. Maybe too comfortable.]

You wouldn't think a hunter would be "linked" to my kind, huh? Truth is he was too dumb to know what I was before I got him in over his head. I would've killed him, eventually, if someone else hadn't.

[Justin's lips press together in a firm line for a moment.]

Who did it? I usually fuck rather than fight but I'm willing to make an exception for the one who did this to my human.
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Still sore over that upset stomach you got from my human?

[That had been amusing though Dusty been so upset that his fuckbuddy ended up getting sick from trying to drain a necromancer's life energy. Dusty had hit Tarr for the laughing but seriously, Justin should be thankful that the human was such a nice person. A necromancer of his strength gone bad would have caused them both problems long before it ever getting that far.

Huffing softly in remembered amusement, he used the corner of his shirt to pat Jin's face dry.]

He's a bit slow in a number of subjects. The first time he met me, he thought he could kill me easily.

[This was too weird. Tarr leaned in close to see if the bloodlust had completely shocked him. On ne hand, it would make it easier to manhandle him into hiding and keep a leash on him. On the other hand, Jin was too lively for this kind of silence.]

The pack that was watching to see if he turned is dead. When he comes more into himself, I'll see if he would allow a blood trace.
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[Luckily (or unluckily, that has yet to be seen) for them, Jin was finally starting to come back to himself, and though he was still a bit shell-shocked over the entire situation (it was a blur, admittedly, but he could feel the life draining from those men when he had fed, hear their screaming still ringing in his ears and feel them desperately trying to fight back -), he could clearly hear what the two were saying -

Oh, no.

He slowly shakes his head a bit after Tarr pats his face dry, giving them both a bit of an annoyed glare, his voice slightly raspy.]

You two do realize I heard everything you said, right? I was a rookie when I first ran into you two, so you can fuck off right there. Also I want in when you go after them too. Even if they might try to control me, you two know I'm too stubborn to give up one way or another.
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[Well, Jin waking up to the conversation saves Justin neatly from having to admit he made a mistake of his own when it came to bedpartners. Necromancers are not fun to try and suck the life from. Young-chul had laughed at him and compared it to what humans call a hangover.

Justin is certain he'd suffered far worse than any human ever had.]

'Course we know. You're dead, not deaf, right h-? [Justin bites his tongue, cutting off the sarcastic term of endearment he was about to bestow. Jin isn't even his fake "honey" anymore. He's a blood-fiend now. They've got nothing left to hold them together. Justin only wants the one who did this to Jin for his own revenge. Jin was supposed to be his.]

Wasn't planning to make this a team effort. [He eyes Tarr with a very unimpressed look.] Don't work with Draculas.
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Rookie or not, be glad that I am not prone to violence.

[If he had been, he wouldn't even had tried to be nice and let Jin go during those first meetings. Despite how he had been earlier, Jin should at least realize it was a kind of truth to Tarr's existence. He doesn't bother to shrug at either statement, instead just leaned back so he could look at them both.]

I can't do a blood trace without you being there. It's tricky even with your cooperation. [He huffed softly at Justin.] Don't start. You want the brood leader? It's the only way you're going to find them unless you feel like making yourself up as bait and hope they're too stupid to scent you're a demon.
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[Hearing that cut off pet name from Justin has him blink a bit, but considering now much the two of them tended to bitch about vampires in general when they weren't banging, Jin supposes that it's not that surprising. Justin's probably the only one between them that gets the horrible irony in all of this.]

Then fine. I'll do it. Whatever it takes so I'm not forced to be tied down. [Even then there still was the problem of just what he was going to do afterward. While he had admittedly agreed to let Tarr take him under the elder's metaphorical wing, the entire situation is leaving a bad taste in his mouth.]
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[personal profile] justsucin 2016-10-25 08:47 pm (UTC)(link)
[Tarr's right. Doesn't mean Justin has to like it. He scowls sulkily, realising quickly that no vampires are going to mistake him for a meal. Just like he'd never mistake one of their kind for a meal of his. They're so similar in that way, and yet so different.

And now Jin is one of them. Still got traces of blood round his mouth to prove it. So messy. So violent. Jin's shaping up so well to be one of them emotionally too, reckless and thoughtless.]

You should know better than anyone that just because you're dead already doesn't mean you can't be destroyed. [You were the one hunting vampires up until now, after all.] Dunno if you'll be ready for a fight so soon after- [Justin gestures vaguely] -all this.
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There will be a recoil once the one that turned you is killed.

[He was going to have to explain a lot more of this in detail later. There was so much that Jin would have to know, especially if he decided to become an elder. While they were technically the strongest, they were also usually the weirdest - no broods, no ties, silent shadows that would either ignore the world or shape it to whatever whims that had caught them. Tarr tied himself to Dusty for several reasons with one being a desire to shape something that had been allowed to go to weed. The other elders he knew of never even cared, some almost like living statues for the amount of movement they had done.]

So even if you do try to fight, you might not be able to. I understand that you want to be a part of this, so I won't deny you that. Just make sure to warn us if you're overwhelmed.

Give me your hand.
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[It would be impossible to attribute all of Jin's recklessness to his new state, even then, he's well-aware of the fact that he could easily die for good this time if they screwed up. There's a small twitch of the lips as he shrugs.]

Hadn't stopped me from fighting before. But I get it. The sooner that fucker is dead, the sooner I can figure all this [He gestures to himself a bit-] out.

[It wouldn't be like before.

He lets out an exhale that probably wasn't even necessary anymore, and tentatively holds out his hand.]
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[personal profile] justsucin 2016-10-25 09:34 pm (UTC)(link)
[Justin and Tarr are both talking to Jin more than one another. And Tarr is the one who knows about this shit, he's the one Jin should be paying attention to. But he keeps giving Justin's words just as much weight when he replies.

He shouldn't give that much of a damn about what Justin has to say. Justin just wants to kill the thing that took his human.

He wonders idly if that warning about recoil is for him as much as Jin. Is he going to be expected to take care of... No, surely not. Tarr's the co-bloodsucker, and his boyfriend is the maternal type. They're the ones best suited to look after Jin, not him.

Justin glances around the area as though keeping a look-out, not because it both bothers him to see Tarr touch his human, and makes him feel ill to think of touching Jin now that he's a vampire at the same time.]
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[personal profile] lesinset 2016-10-25 10:18 pm (UTC)(link)
You should be able to adjust easier then most. Some of your hunter training will help.

[He glanced over at Justin and wondered a little if he would act the same way if someone really managed to get past all the wards and traps Dusty had around him. Would he get mad and then leave what remained of Dusty behind or would he still try to make things work? He knew that he cared enough that if he could, he would offer his human something other than death when the time came.

And that thought was a scary one. His most vulnerable point in all of his life being the little mage he had bonded to. No wonder the old dragon chuckled when the subject came up.]

I am going to bite you in order to get a taste of it. Try not to hit me.

[He leaned down, gripping Jin's wrist to hold his hand steady. The pack had been various bloods, none of them from any one individual. Most likely, they had been outcasts or strays pushed together by a strong brood leader that just needed some fodder.]
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[personal profile] downfalling 2016-10-25 11:43 pm (UTC)(link)
[Jin nods, holding his arm out straight now as best he could, keeping his eyes shut. If he ended up looking while Tarr was trying to get a lock on whoever his maker was, that would probably end with him either ripping open his wrist to get away or lash out.

In all honesty, he's surprised that Justin had at least given enough of a shit to get angry about his predicament.]
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[personal profile] justsucin 2016-10-27 03:39 pm (UTC)(link)
[I am going to bite you-

Justin balls up his hands into fists and tries to physically shake off the feeling of possessiveness. He doesn't want a vampire anyway! And yet here he is, more likely to hit Tarr than Jin himself. He has to get some distance.]

I'll keep a look out. [After all, he's got the best skill set for distracting any wandering humans.] Tell me when you're done.

[And with that he takes a short walk away, flopping back against a tree trunk once he's out of sight. Perfectly balanced existence, ruined!]

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