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The Random AU Scenario Meme [ver. EM]

RNG 1-12 for AU type. And then 1-6 for specifics!

1. Fame and Fortune
2. Services Careers
3. The Darker Side of Crime
4. Supernatural
5. Fantasy and Mythology
6. Powers and Superhumans
7. Daily Life Settings
8. Unusual Worlds
9. Era/Technology
10. Sexy AUs
11. Fandom Fusion AU
12. Alternate Realities


1. Fame and Fortune:
1. Royalty AU
2. Pop Group/Singer or Rock Band/Singer AU
3. Socialite AU
4. Actor/Actress AU
5. Model/Fashion Designer AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

2. Services Careers:
1. Teacher or Professor AU
2. Police Detective AU
3. Fireman AU
4. Lawyer AU
5. Doctor/Medical Practictioner AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

3. The Darker Side of Crime:
1. Noir Detective AU
2. Criminal AU
3. Spy AU
4. Con Artist AU
5. Private Investigator AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

4. Supernatural:
1. Vampire AU
2. Werewolf AU
3. Ghost AU
4. Shapeshifter AU
5. Angel and/or Demon AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

5. Fantasy and Mythology:
1. Animal Transformation AU (full/partial)
2. Fairy Tale AU
3. Mermaid AU
4. God and Goddess AU
5. Pirate AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

6. Powers and Superhumans:
1. Fairyfolk/Elementals AU
2. Superhero and villain AU
3. X-Men/General Mutant AU
4. Elves, Goblins and Trolls (or whatever!), oh my!
5. Mundane AU (If original fandom is full of characters with powers/who are not human)
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

7. Daily Life Settings:
1. Coffee Shop AU
2. Roomates AU
3. High School/College AU
4. Road Trip/Long Journey AU
5. Shopping For-
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

8. Unusual Worlds:
1. Underwater Base AU
2. Space Ship AU
3. Soulmate/Soulbond AU
4. Genderswap AU (permanent or temporary!)
5. A/B/O AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

9. Era/Technology:
1. Modern AU (If original fandom is not set in modern times)/ Regency AU
2. Cyberpunk AU
3. Western AU
4. Apocalypse AU (Zombie/Disease/War)
5. Steampunk AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

10. Sexy AUs:
1. Hooker AU
2. Pornstar AU
3. BDSM Club
4. Strip Club AU
5. Burlesque Show AU
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

11. Fandom Fusion AU:
1. Hunger Games AU
2. Daemon/His Dark Materials AU
3. Hogwarts AU
4. Pokemon AU
5. Pacific Rim AU (Drift compatible?)
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

12. Alternate Realities:
1. What if x-character had never been born/existed into their world? (Can be one of the played characters trying to convince another they existed and knew one another, or can be what happens to other characters if - for example - the protag of the story never existed. Would someone else step up instead?)
2. What if x-character had made a different decision? (Cite a canon point and the choice made, and then justify and play out what would've happened if they'd gone a different way!)
3. What if x-character was a different age during the events in canon? If they were older or younger could they influence more or less, or be protected from more or less, or capable of more or less?
4. What if x-characters were actually siblings? Or if x-characters who are already WEREN'T siblings?
5. What if x-character was rich/poor instead of their canon situation?
6. Your choice/something I haven't thought of?

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[He can't stay paralysed. Shinnosuke gathers himself to his full height again - not unimpressive (for a human) - and holds his gun up, supporting his wrist with his free hand.]

Tell me where to shoot!

[Jeeze, now he's yelling to a wolf. But if it works who cares!]
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[ Shinnosuke is perceptive enough to pick up even the tiniest of hints in a dire situation; he and his various partners' lives have depended on it at times! Somehow - no matter how - the wolf does make a motion that indicates clearly to Shinnosuke to aim at the chest. That's the one the hesitated to attack him, it has some sort of intelligence and understanding! Amazing.

Shinnosuke can worry about that after he's made the shot. His hand doesn't even shake as he pulls the trigger, letting the bullet fly. He's a good shot, and the huge beast is difficult to miss anyway.]
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[ Oh thank god, thank god it's affected. Thank god it retreats. It's gone. Shinnosuke listens to his heart pounding in his throat, knowing it will start to slow back down to normal soon, once his body has caught up with his brain's knowledge that the attacker is gone... Except, there's still a wolf here.

No matter if it can understand him, communicate with him in its rudimentary way, it's still another fierce, dangerous predator that could decide to turn on him! Shinnosuke wants to flee, but his instincts take over, deciding he can trust this creature. It's also injured, not making threatening noises at him even so, and approaching slowly enough to give Shinnosuke a chance to back off if he wished to.

It's smart somehow. Shinnosuke scratches the back of his head and smiles sheepishly.]

Thanks for uh, saving me back there.
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[Yeah, the wolf really understands him; it's like he acknowledges Shinnosuke's words before retreating. It's hurt, it might need help. Although an injured animal might attack if you probe the wounds, and Shinnosuke doesn't have any pets, he wouldn't know what he was doing-

Yeah, he's already chasing after the wolf who isn't travelling quickly. ]

Wait, stop, let me try and help you!

[ Shinnosuke doesn't dare get close enough to try and grab the animal, not like he would with a human by grabbing their shoulder or wrist. He's in the doorway to the warehouse when the wolf collapses. And then-

Oh my god. OH MY GOD. Shinnosuke can only watch, completely dumbfounded, as the wolf begins to morph, changing shape, his fur almost melting away! If Shinnosuke wasn't seeing it with his own eyes he wouldn't believe it! He was just about working out what to do with a giant bi-pedal wolf, but how does he handle whatever the heck this is?! ]
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[ Ohmygod, it's a man. It's the young man from before! He's- ]

Y-you're, you're a-

[Shinnosuke shakes his head violently. If he hadn't just seen the entire thing with his own eyes he'd think he was insane. But here he is! And here the young man is, and there was a wolf, and now there's a human. ]


[Shinnosuke squeaks the word out, barely able to say it, it sounds so ridiculous.

But. He's bleeding and in trouble and needs help. Even as the wolf he'd helped Shinnosuke, been aware enough not to attack. Maybe it'll be alright.]

Heck, whatever this is doesn't matter. [Shinnosuke crouches down beside the man and reaches slowly, carefully for his arm, to drape it across Shinnosuke's shoulders and take his weight to help him up.] I'm going to help you, like I said I would. I'll... You can come back to my place.

[Taking a werewolf to a hospital during a full moon doesn't seem like the best idea. What if they do tests? Or if being poked and prodded sets off the transformation? ]