lesinset: (gotta b kidding)
Tarr's good enough ([personal profile] lesinset) wrote in [community profile] couscoussier 2016-10-24 09:26 pm (UTC)

[There's an organic crunch of bones and meat smashing together and a body fell to the floor looking a little like it had just been squeezed to half its size. The mass of pale skin and strange limbs turn, the one visible eye a narrow slit of black looking directly at Jin before there's a soft exhale and the last vampire body was flung up at the ceiling. It moved across the floor, and squatted down within arm's length, one almost human hand reaching over to touch the side of his face before pulling back and standing again. It turned and its whip-link tentacles wrapping around the only other living vampire in the room and dragging it close.

Tarr's lips pulled back from his teeth, his form pulling itself together again, the bones and muscles and skin twisting and cracking until only one arm was still in its transformed state.]

Such arrogance. I suppose you were going to make him starve?

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