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Tarr's good enough ([personal profile] lesinset) wrote in [community profile] couscoussier 2016-10-24 08:00 pm (UTC)

so elder vampire is not amused

[There were rules. Even if a majority of the vampires didn't know there were rules in place, they still followed the basic tenants: don't over hunt an area, don't let humans see you, don't anger an elder. Vampires didn't have a society like the humans they came from, but they had some networking and knew what happened to those that broke rules.

Which was happening here. Jin had been gone for too long and while Tarr didn't care too much, Dusty did, which made the elder go hunting. And when he came upon the trail of this pack and scented Jin among them, well he wasn't amused. Especially when he realized why they just left him laying around and he wasn't moving. So when the pack came crawling from their daytime boltholes, they found the elder crouching on the floor waiting.

So when Jin was regaining consciousness, he was going to see the husk of a drained vampire flying across the room, long, razor sharp tentacles pulling from the body. They flicked out and jabbed into the form of another vampire as it tried to madly scramble up some dimly lit stairs. There were other forms struggling in the mess, a strange humanoid creature of too many limbs, too many things in the center of it, claws and limbs and other pieces blocking or grabbing or just draining vampires.]

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