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The Random (Porn) Scenario Meme [ver. EM]

RNG 1-5 for flavour. 1-15 for details!

1. Vanilla
2. Kinky
3. Roleplay Scenarios
4. Sex Toys
5. Failsex!

1. First time - One or both of you are virgins. Or it's the first time since you started dating, and it's time to take the next step!
2. Masturbation - Put some porn on, get your hand ready, and have a good night with a friend.
3. Blow jobs - Sucky sucky, bucky bucky.
4. Penetrative (Missionary) - There's parking in the rear, or drive through the front.
5. Frottage - You don't always need to penetrate! Sometimes grinding on each other is more than enough.
6. Doggy style/Riding - Sex from behind or on top.
7. Make up Sex - You did something wrong, and you're going to give this person the best night of their lives.
8. Up against the wall - You couldn't wait when they came in the door.
9. In the shower - Fun in the tub is something worth trying at least once.
10. Couch - Fooling around on the couch!
11. Get away - You're on a romantic get away. Beach? Some snazzy motel? Whatever you'd like!
12. Been a while - It's been a while since you've seen each other, so it's time to make up for lost time!
13. Hook up - You're horny, single, and neither of you is bad looking, so why not knock boots?
14. Massage and maybe something more - You want to pamper your lover tonight!
15. Wedding Night - After a day sealing your vows and celebrating your love with friends and family, it's the time to celebrate privately, physically.

1. Teasing - Sending dirty texts, whispering things in your lover's ear, or just bending over a little too much, you're determined to drive your lover crazy with teasing.
2. Bondage - Super tight, hanging from things, unable to move, really hot.
3. Blood Play - Red is a really lucky color... not for someone.
4. Power Play - Someone is in charge, and the other submits willingly to their orders.
5. In public - the possibilities are almost endless! Anywhere you can be seen, or risk the potential of being seen.
6. Impact Play - Spanking, whipping, flogging, and whatever else you can think of. Someone's been naughty, or they just enjoy the sensation on their butt.
7. Temperature Play - Ice cubes on the skin or even inside to cool you down, or wax from candles poured over the skin. Doesn't it burn so good?
8. Sex Wrestling - It's like regular wrestling... only it ends in dirty, dirty sex.
9. Sensory Deprivation - a blindfold, for example? Focusing on only your remaining senses can make orgasms even stronger!
10. Dirty talk - Most people like a little dirty talk... either you've determined to get your lover off with dirty talk alone or you're just getting them in the mood
11. Orgasm denial - They might want to so bad, beg and plead, but you're not going to let the come yet. Or maybe not at all.
12. Phone sex/Sexting - You want to get your lover off, but you're not right there with them.
13. Dirty pictures/video - You're making a video or taking some sexy pictures for a private collection.
14. Voyeurism - You want to watch your lover have sex with someone else, or perhaps watch a consenting couple?
15. Exhibitionism - You want to perform for your lover, solo or with someone of your mutual choosing.

Roleplay Scenarios
1. Teacher and Student - Someone needs a better grade, or to be taught some lessons outside the classroom.
2. Doctor and Patient - Time to give someone the best bedside treatment they can. And a physical!
3. Cop and Criminal - Those handcuffs are finally coming in handy.
4. Master and Servant - Butler, valet, maid, handmaiden... Those servants have to serve someone.
5. Strangers - Oh, you've never met this hot, delicious, naked stranger. Maybe it's time to get acquainted.
6. Enemies - Oh I hate you! Oh but I'll have sex with you anyways!
7. Pirates - Looting and pillaging got you going? Or did you stowaway a pretty human prize from dry land?
8. Human/Animal Hybrid - Pets are endearing, but a catboy (for example) is even cuter.
9. Pizzaboy - They don't have the money to pay, but you accept other forms of payment, thankfully.
10. Vampire and victim - You're going to drink their blood... Or at least give them a hickey.
11. Prostitute - They paid for you.
12. Incest - parent or sibling kink? Go ahead and play it out.
13. Priest - They need to confess to you...
14. Kidnapper - Uh-oh, they got you now! What ever will they do to you?
15. Shy virgin - You're a shy virgin but don't worry, they'll teach you the ropes!

1. Dildo - Simple, easy to use, and goes in any proper hole.
2. Vibrator - Tiny and portable, it goes everywhere... and works everywhere.
3. Strap-on - Girl or guy. Maybe you're wanting one, or wanting a longer one.
4. Cock Ring - Basically, a trolling way to make sure someone can't finish what they started.
5. Anal Beads/Ben Wa Balls - Maybe a dildo isn't good enough. These toys are balls of fun.
6. Fucking machines - Machines with one purpose only, to fuck you senseless. They usually have a dildo attached and speed controls.
7. Pervertibles - Cucumbers, candles, ice cubes, or even electric toothbrushes!
8. Clamps - Nipples, labia, clit, penis, there's not limit to what can be clamped in a sexy way!
9. Weapons - The handle of a knife, a gun, it's time to walk on the wild side!
10. Sex swing - A suspended seat made specifically for sex.
11. Pumps - Pumps can go over the nipples, clit, or on the penis and create a very stimulating amount of suction.
12. Anal plugs - They vibrate, stimulate, or just keep you ready for fun later.
13. Paddles/Crops/Whips - for a variety of impact sensations.
14. Animal Accessories - A kitty ear headband? A anal plug puppy tail? A food bowl, a collar and leash?
15. Rope/chains - How can you get all tied up without it?

1. Can't get it up - For some reason, you can't get hard. Or, if you're a girl, you're just not getting wet.
2. Not in the mood - You don't know what it is, sex just isn't interesting you tonight.
3. Cramp! - Ow, nothing ruins a mood like an ill timed cramp somewhere!
4. Caught - You just got caught by someone and the reaction isn't a good one!
5. You called me what - Dirty talk got out of hand and the other went a step too far!
6. Distraction - You're just distracted by the phone or the TV or a huge project you've got coming up...
7. It's not you - or yeah, maybe it is. You're just not attracted to the other person anymore (or maybe you never were!)
8. Injury - Fell and hit your head, knocked something off on you... somehow you injured yourself!
9. Missing item - Where's the lube? The condoms? Ahh, how can we do this?
10. It broke - Uh-oh. The condom just broke...
11. Gross - Your partner got you to do something or suggested something you're just really not into...
12. Too drunk - Whiskey sounded like fun, but now it's having ill effects on your sex life.
13. Five seconds isn't bad! - You came embarrassingly fast...
14. Guilty - You did something wrong, went behind your lover's back, cheated, or something.
15. I'm fine, really - Or not. You're actually injured, but you don't want your lover to see and they definitely would if you took off any clothes.

[Altered from the original.]
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((RNG gave me Vanilla 9, Kinky 2, Roleplay 7, Toys 11, and Fail 15. Any of these look interesting for these two? Or are there any other options/combo of options that you wanna explore?))
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This is fine~! :D

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[Right enjoys the make-outs a lot, too. It's just hard for him to not squirm so much when there's someone sitting and grinding against him. It's extra hard when he's the kind of guy to have so much energy to burn, even after a long day.

Which is why he's pouting a little upon Micchy's declaration.]

Really? I'm not that bad, am I?

[But the protest is only half-hearted, and he's already holding out his arms for Micchy to tie his hands up with that scarf. He's not worried about being bound in this case. It's Micchy, after all; he trusts him...even when he shouldn't sometimes.]
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[Right would definitely follow Micchy's orders without question, so long as they don't cause any undue pain and suffering on anyone. And this? This is just fine. He knows that Micchy won't do anything terrible to him while he's tied up like this, so no worries!

Once his hands have been properly tied to the headboard, he tests his bindings to make sure that they're firm, yet not hurtful on the restrictions. Happy to find that he couldn't get out so easily, he relaxes against the sheets as he looks back up at Micchy.]

Don't worry! I really can control myself when I need to!

[...he says as his hips are gently rocking up against Micchy. Again.]
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[Well, he wouldn't be too far off the mark with that initial assessment of Right. He really is like a big ol' puppy sometimes - full of love and energy, and not enough self-control when needed.]


[Right doesn't move when the hands are placed on his waist. However, he does shiver and arch a little into that sliding touch up over his stomach. Just a little, though, before he stops himself.]

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[Not that Right's adverse to that idea. He's pretty sure that Micchy's not going to do anything terrible to him if it comes to that. After all, they care about each other too much for anything other than fun, pleasure times to happen, right?]

Really, I'll try really hard to keep still.

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[[We could do that AU we talked about - RNG gave me Kinky 8, or Kinky 10, both of which would probably come up anyway... sound good?]]
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[He'd watched the teenager grow, despite everything. Despite the training, the demanding attention to detail, the yelling at people to get the fuck back in formation... Micchi had thrived. He'd been initially uncertain - he had a rebellious streak and a tendency to question his orders - but there was a spark there, something to tend so it could grow into a flame rather than be stamped out and shoved in line.]

[And the spark had grown further, until it enveloped both of them, because while he knew Micchi was younger than him by several years, it didn't seem important. The boy was desperate for attention... and deep down Kaito knew he'd be able to give it to him. He didn't ask questions about his home life, because he didn't want questions to be asked of his own. Most of Baron knew he had a room in their base, though they hadn't been allowed into it. Micchi was one of the few who had been, tearing off his jacket and shirt to press against the younger boy, soft growls into smooth skin...]

[And now they're both there again, flopped on Kaito's somewhat small bed while Kaito leans over him, a mischievous glint in his eye.]

Roll over.

[He knows Micchi will probably fight back. In fact, he expects it. He's looking forward to it, really. It's been a while since he's gotten to really have a good fight for dominance.]
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Oh? Do you want to challenge me on that?

[He's aware of his teammate's cold and calculating mind. It's not his style at all, but to be blind to it would be stupidity. He knows that Micchi is hiding something, and that he'll find it eventually... but for now he should play along.]

[And speaking of playing along... he presses a hand into the mattress next to Micchy's shoulder, lowering himself slightly to get in Micchi's face.]

Do you really think you can win?
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[It always makes him huff in annoyance. He knows that the boy is more clever than he likes to let on - and it's a kind of fighting that he doesn't like. Long-term planning isn't to be avoided, but if he's not even going to try to push him off...]

Maybe. Or maybe I'll just make you move myself.

[He reaches over to grab Micchi's shoulder, trying to flip him over. He's not fond of taking things like this against someone's will - but Micchi's always had the freedom to tell Kaito to stop. Exerting power is one thing. Simply taking that kind of thing has always seemed far too much of an abuse of that power to Kaito for his tastes.]
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[He smirks, ready for the challenge, and moves to press a hand against Micchi's crotch, putting just enough pressure down to be a tease.]

I will. And I'll have you screaming my name... that's how you like it, isn't it? Making a mess in your pants... begging for me to touch you more... heh.

[He leans down so his breath can tickle at Micchi's ear.]

You love it when I do this, don't you?

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4. 5 Anal Beads/Ben Wa Balls - in our ridiculous AU world

[personal profile] ridingwithdevils 2016-04-22 03:19 pm (UTC)(link)
[There were a few boxes on Philip's bed. He may have gone a little bit overboard with his order but there were too many choices and he wasn't sure which ones were better. There were so many opinions that he came across during his research and so many different...variations.

Each seemed to have a few pros and cons. More research was required. He had sent a very basic text to his friend earlier in the day inviting him over. It would never really occur to Philip that this was an abnormal request. They've talked about sex before. This can't have been too out there, surely.

He looked over the boxes again to make sure everything was divided up correctly.]

Lubes, condoms and aphrodisiacs.

Rings and balls.

Extra misc toys.

3. 4. Master and Servant

[personal profile] dancermai 2016-04-22 03:29 pm (UTC)(link)
[It's been a good few months working in the Kureshima household. The two brothers who lived here treated her very well. And it seemed, the majority of the time, the house was empty, leaving her to do the cleaning and any chores at her own pace. Sometimes it did get a little lonely but what could you really expect from a household full of busy people?

She had already completed most of her daily chores by mid morning and usually by now the house would be empty but it seemed like one room still had someone in it and the door was tightly shut. Normally, she would leave the room alone but it wasn't usual and she wondered if maybe the occupant was either ill or was about to wake up soon and would like something to eat.

Mai brushed down her little black servant's dress. Quite normal attire for someone in her profession. Then gave a few light knocks on the door. Loud enough to catch his attention but quiet enough to not bother him if he were still sleeping. She called out softly through the door.]

Young master. Would you like some breakfast? ...or brunch?

actually could have been much worse...

[personal profile] dancermai 2016-04-24 10:03 am (UTC)(link)
[As she heard the voice call back through the door, she was a little relieved. She wasn't skilled enough really in looking after sick people and bothering one of the other staff members would not be the best of ideas when she hadn't been here for that long.

She excused herself softly as she opened the door and stepped into the room. The door was left slightly ajar as it wasn't right for the door to be closed when she was in the room alone with her employer.]

Are you sure you're okay? You're not usually in bed this late.

[There was a gentle smile as she moved towards him and lightly laid her hand on his forehead. Luckily for everybody concerned, her eyes remained on his face rather than straying anywhere else.]

You're a little warm. Maybe I should get you something for that.
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now you've opened up pandora's box

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Well his explanation could definitely make sense except that he usually slept under these covers just fine and they lived in a rich air conditioned home that was just about perfectly temperature controlled.

It wasn't her place to call him out on that, however.

When he does manage to grab a hold of her, she does blush just slightly. She worked for him, he could really ask her to stop just by asking her to stay with him for a while. It wasn't like she was in a hurry to flee the room. She turns back towards him, trying to not make her reaction so obvious.

"Mitsuzane-sama?" Since she had to call him by his proper name and title after all.

He can't know that she's been watching him sometimes just to make sure he's okay and that he's happy. She was just doing her job. was her job.