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callmemicchi ([personal profile] callmemicchi) wrote in [community profile] couscoussier 2016-04-24 09:39 am (UTC)

excuse me for taking this immediately down a naughty road

[ Micchi isn't ill. He isn't sleeping, either. He's still in bed because he'd woken up in the mood to have some 'me time' with himself and his hand. After all, he's allowed! The household is full of servants and staff, but Micchi leaves his door open if he wants the room cleaned, and keeps it shut when he doesn't want people intruding. That's why he's safe to do as he wishes and know he won't be disturbed. In theory.

Just because he won't be walked in on doesn't mean he won't be interrupted by a knock at the door. And then the voice coming through belongs to the very person he's been thinking about while he's been touching himself. Micchi isn't one to blush usually, but even this makes him feel a little hot in the face.

It takes a moment for him to respond; he has to get his hand out of his pants first!]

No, it's fine, I'm not hungry. [And then his mouth does something super stupid, considering he's sat with a hard-on beneath the bedcovers.] You can come in, though.

[ Just can't resist seeing her, can he. Or talking to her. Even in an uncomfortable position like this. ]

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