Mai Takatsukasa ([personal profile] dancermai) wrote in [community profile] couscoussier 2016-04-22 03:29 pm (UTC)

3. 4. Master and Servant

[It's been a good few months working in the Kureshima household. The two brothers who lived here treated her very well. And it seemed, the majority of the time, the house was empty, leaving her to do the cleaning and any chores at her own pace. Sometimes it did get a little lonely but what could you really expect from a household full of busy people?

She had already completed most of her daily chores by mid morning and usually by now the house would be empty but it seemed like one room still had someone in it and the door was tightly shut. Normally, she would leave the room alone but it wasn't usual and she wondered if maybe the occupant was either ill or was about to wake up soon and would like something to eat.

Mai brushed down her little black servant's dress. Quite normal attire for someone in her profession. Then gave a few light knocks on the door. Loud enough to catch his attention but quiet enough to not bother him if he were still sleeping. She called out softly through the door.]

Young master. Would you like some breakfast? ...or brunch?

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