Mai Takatsukasa ([personal profile] dancermai) wrote in [community profile] couscoussier 2016-04-19 08:56 am (UTC)

Not sure who is more awkward now...

[That voice was most definitely not the one she had expected to hear at this time of the day and she swears that she saw him leave the building earlier or she would never have....oh god, what did he hear?

Maybe, he didn't hear anything. Maybe he walked in after the conversation and he just wanted to say hi. That didn't explain some weird reason that her friends seemed to smile at Micchi and decide that it was their time to leave.

Exactly what just...]

Hey, where are you guys going? We can practice some more in a moment. Micchi's he--

[The best she could do was wave as she was given a quick hug and then she was left alone in a room with him. The flush deepened on her cheeks and she could only pray that he walked in after she had finished talking.]

Micchi, I thought you went home earlier. [Bright and chirpy. Just be your normal self.]

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