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Justin(e) Park Young-chul Kim Ji-woong
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incubus. shapeshifter. sassy little shit. has a problem with this one sexy trash hunter he started banging and now can't shake. hundreds of years old. mage. gentle soul. preserved childlike innocence combined with the experience and cynicism of a long life. addicted to magic. over a hundred years old. gang leader. papa bear. doofy as anything. has long-term boyfriend he's barely ever parted from. supposedly they have too much sex (as if that's a thing). 26 years old
- - -
the NSFW
switch. will penetrate or be penetrated, dominate or submit as desired. (genderplay can be standard with this one since he can shift bodyshape at will). kinky as anything.
the NSFW
ace. probably aro. that time he got seduced by aforementioned incubus has defined his sex life. sex is tied to his magic and that's the real rush he enjoys from it. submissive.
the NSFW
bisexual but that really doesn't matter when you're as monogamous as he is. flirty when drunk but would never dream of cheating. would probably drunkenly cry first. penetrative partner.
- - -
Nam Jaehyo Choi Minsoo Gabriel Kim
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serious with sudden bursts of humour. wants to be true to himself but also make his parents happy. can't have both when you're as gay as he is. 29 years old. with a name meaning gentle grace, Minsoo seems to fit his birthright perfectly. he's a calm, cool soul who has a rather wry sense of humour. studies philosophy at university, also plays piano. an angel sent down to earth for a year to experience life and mankind. everything is wondrous to him: dogs, ice cream, hair dye. he gives off the impression of having been brought up secluded in a cult or commune. always smiling, always optimistic.
- - -
the NSFW
dom as FUCK. you will do as he says and you'll like it. the end.
the NSFW
is in an A/B/O universe, is an omega, has bad reactions to suppressants and therefore experiences heats every six weeks, roughly. Mostly secludes himself but on occasion does find a suitable alpha to spend his heat with, no strings attached.
the NSFW
NONE. ANGEL BABY KNOWS NOTHING OF LOVE AND ROMANCE YET, LET ALONE SEX. (But hey he'll be as enthused about that as everything else in life).

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bear & kitty mistletoe thread

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[from here]

[That had to be the most sloppiest not really a kiss that he ever got, and he had one of those teachers that used to apply lipstick like it was candy and leave bright red smears all over his cheeks. Kitae scrubbed at the spot with a huff.]

Nope. Never gonna happen. [Because he probably already has found his love but never came out to say it because emotions. ew.] Even if it did, it will scar you for life. Find someone for puppy. Now he needs a date.