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Justin(e) Park Young-chul Kim Ji-woong
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incubus. shapeshifter. sassy little shit. has a problem with this one sexy trash hunter he started banging and now can't shake. hundreds of years old. mage. gentle soul. preserved childlike innocence combined with the experience and cynicism of a long life. addicted to magic. over a hundred years old. gang leader. papa bear. doofy as anything. has long-term boyfriend he's barely ever parted from. supposedly they have too much sex (as if that's a thing). 26 years old
- - -
the NSFW
switch. will penetrate or be penetrated, dominate or submit as desired. (genderplay can be standard with this one since he can shift bodyshape at will). kinky as anything.
the NSFW
ace. probably aro. that time he got seduced by aforementioned incubus has defined his sex life. sex is tied to his magic and that's the real rush he enjoys from it. submissive.
the NSFW
bisexual but that really doesn't matter when you're as monogamous as he is. flirty when drunk but would never dream of cheating. would probably drunkenly cry first. penetrative partner.
- - -
Nam Jaehyo Choi Minsoo Gabriel Kim
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serious with sudden bursts of humour. wants to be true to himself but also make his parents happy. can't have both when you're as gay as he is. 29 years old. with a name meaning gentle grace, Minsoo seems to fit his birthright perfectly. he's a calm, cool soul who has a rather wry sense of humour. studies philosophy at university, also plays piano. an angel sent down to earth for a year to experience life and mankind. everything is wondrous to him: dogs, ice cream, hair dye. he gives off the impression of having been brought up secluded in a cult or commune. always smiling, always optimistic.
- - -
the NSFW
dom as FUCK. you will do as he says and you'll like it. the end.
the NSFW
is in an A/B/O universe, is an omega, has bad reactions to suppressants and therefore experiences heats every six weeks, roughly. Mostly secludes himself but on occasion does find a suitable alpha to spend his heat with, no strings attached.
the NSFW
NONE. ANGEL BABY KNOWS NOTHING OF LOVE AND ROMANCE YET, LET ALONE SEX. (But hey he'll be as enthused about that as everything else in life).

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[First thing was first. Dusty leaned in to peck the hunter on the lips before humming to himself and tapping his fingers against his chin.]

I mean someone that might be able to counterbalance the drain. As for who, I do know a few of the magical types.
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bear & kitty mistletoe thread

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[from here]

[That had to be the most sloppiest not really a kiss that he ever got, and he had one of those teachers that used to apply lipstick like it was candy and leave bright red smears all over his cheeks. Kitae scrubbed at the spot with a huff.]

Nope. Never gonna happen. [Because he probably already has found his love but never came out to say it because emotions. ew.] Even if it did, it will scar you for life. Find someone for puppy. Now he needs a date.
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Re: bear & kitty mistletoe thread

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[Sloppy kisses are what parents do! Besides, he kinda wanted it to be as far froma romantic type kiss as possible after getting Kitae all uncomfortable. To make him feel better.]

Don't be silly! I'm sure whoever you love we'll love too. Even if it does scar us for life. [Yeah, he'll give you that much. And of course it's 'we' and 'us', because Sungwoo and Ji-woong are a package deal for life.]

I think I'm the wrong person to ask to be matchmaker. Haven't you and Sungwoo talked about setting the kid up with someone already? [Come on, the amount of dramas you watch together you must have by now!]
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[still. ew. that was gross. even if it did get Kitae over his moment of sniffy panic about kissing someone for real.]

I doubt it. [they were going to have to force him to admit to his feelings. if ever.] We haven't gotten a read on who he likes yet. You'd think that he would have ran into someone.

[yeah hard to play matchmaker when the kid in question hasn't shown a sign of liking anyone. yet.]
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[Ji-woong just chuckles softly at Kitae's insistence that they won't like whoever he ends up with. At least that's what he thinks Kitae is getting at.]

You don't know who he likes? Can't you just find out what his type is and then look around? Don't you ever talk about the actors and actresses in those dramas? Or flick through those trashy magazines Sungwoo likes?

[Yes, this is how Ji-woong would attempt to go about it. Which is probably why none of them have asked him to help before now.]
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[It is. They will never like the person. IF he had a person. Which he doesn't. Never. let's not talk about how soft he was for their wolf, okay?]

He thinks that I'm being ridiculous when I go on about the dramas I watch or have a fit about what some people are wearing in some magazines. [And there is a kind of look he was giving the boss like how dare he talk about the magazines they like as being trashy.] He sometimes even kicks me off the couch.
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[Don't worry, Ji-woong is oblivious to kitty's feelings towards the wolf. And he wouldn't believe it even if someone told him! Kitae is safe for a while yet.]

Well, you are ridiculous. What does it matter what people we don't know are wearing? [He said the magazines Sungwoo likes! It's not his fault Kitae apparently likes them just as much. Jeeze.] I'm glad the kid has some sense.
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I'll have to ask him if he is willing to help out first.

[Because it's Tarr and Tarr isn't the sort of person who would say yes just for anyone. It takes a while after all.]

Justin, please, Jin isn't going to eat you up right away because I may get seriously mad at him and hurt him.
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[personal profile] killingfloorblues 2017-01-08 09:23 am (UTC)(link)
Obviously no one ever told you just how dangerous an Elder can be.

[He grinned but it wasn't a simple smile of someone who was telling a joke. No, it was a little bit of humor and a lot of darkness, his teeth showing and his eyes turning darker.]

I must really have a talk to whoever taught you. I'm sure that they really left a lot out of your education.
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Now, who says I will allow him to ignore me?

[Oh he knows. Incubui were a silly lot in thinking that being demonic they could ignore anything that wasn't. He had taught a couple others that making him mad was not a good idea.

But the poor young hunter looked so tiny and lost, which was funny considering that the hunter was taller then him. Sighing softly, he stepped up and wrapped his arms around the poor boy for a hug.]

We'll figure this out. It'll be fine.
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[That was good because he hasn't reached that point in his mind to where he actually accepted that he had any feelings at all.]

There has to be standards. I mean, what if someone is wearing checks and plaids and dots all together and it becomes something we all hafta wear? [He's serious. So very serious. Be serious with him great leader.] The kid just likes the fact that he can get away with manhandling me unlike everyone else.
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...We don't... have to wear anything... just because a magazine says so.

[What planet is Ji-woong on right now? Do any of his boys really pay attention to fashion trends? Okay, maybe Sungwoo sometimes says things about colours being 'in', and there is this one really smart jacket Ji-woong owns that's a far cry from his usual sweatpants and sleeve shirts style, but... He wears what he wants, not what he's told is 'in'!]

Did you just admit you go easy on our baby? [You're getting a fond nudge for that!] You just admitted you have a heart in there!
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But how do you know that they won't make us?

[Welcome to planet kitty & bird where the rules come from wherever and the truth is eyed with suspicion. They try to at least keep an eye on the trends since the more trendy a person was, the more loaded they were.]

What? Me? [He grunts at the nudge and also attempts a death glare.] I have no heart. I just am not going to let the giant sit on me again.
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[Just eyerolling at that, not even answering. STRANGE BOY.

Now if Kitae had just explained that he and Sungwoo keep tabs on fashion trends to take note of who is flaunting their wealth and status the most Ji-woong would've accepted the absurdity with no problem! Why do you have to tell him that you actually also care about fashion, why.

Ji-woong likes to look good too but seriously.]

Kid's so fucking tall now, seriously. What have you been feeding him?
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[And what? Let everyone know their master plans? Sungwoo probably would inform Ji-woong that after a while but right now they were keeping mum about that.]

Same thing I've been feeding the rest of you. How'd I suppose to know that he's got giant genes in him?
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[Some "master plans". Ji-woong will be mildly impressed, but it won't guarantee them anything without some legwork behind it. Muscle. You know, the part where Ji-woong comes in.]

We need to sit on him more often to stop him growing any more. Don't want him towering over me!
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[Which is why they were sitting on things. They need to make sure that they have a good enough list to hand over after all.]

Sitting on him doesn't keep him from tossing me. Kid's getting too confident about his reach or something.
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[Bless them for always wanting to impress the boss as much as possible. He's got such good members.]

You're too skinny then. I just wrestle him to the floor when he tries to throw me! Eat more of your own cooking.
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[We all know it's something that Sungwoo wants to do to get all the mushy stuff and Kitae just goes along because he does have a heart. Just never tell him that he does.]

Family comes first and then I'll eat.
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[Sungwoo could just breathe and it'd make Ji-woong adore him; Kitae knows that, right? It's still fucking adorable that he wants to impress his boyfriend so much though. One of the reasons Ji-woong loves Sungwoo so much is that shrewd, hard working mind.

Kitae's brain is pretty impressive too but he doesn't need the same kind of rewards, it's all good.]

Well you know we eat! Can't get enough food in me some days.
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[personal profile] straycatpunk 2017-01-17 07:14 pm (UTC)(link)
[It's just so sappy the way they are into each other but at the same time, it reaffirms that they are alive and happy and that's all Kitae wants for them. It's all he ever wants for any of his family, even if he ignores what he wants.]

I know, which is why I try to make lots of food for all of you. Gotta keep you healthy, bossman.
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[personal profile] bearskinthug 2017-01-21 12:01 pm (UTC)(link)

I appreciate it, Kitae. Hope you never forget that.
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[personal profile] straycatpunk 2017-01-29 06:54 am (UTC)(link)

I don't. If I did, then I'd be dead and that ain't gonna happen cuz you will make sure that those that attempt it'll get so hurt they wouldn't even think it.
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[personal profile] bearskinthug 2017-01-29 11:04 am (UTC)(link)

You know me so well.

[Here come a fond arm thrown around your shoulders, Kitae.]
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[personal profile] straycatpunk 2017-02-07 06:35 pm (UTC)(link)

Course I do. You're the boss that I'm following. No one else is worthy enough.