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Texts From Last Night: Morning After Version!


At least, we're about to, because you're about to text and let us know...


Comment and include some potential "morning after" texts for people to reply to! Did you get super drunk? Can you not remember the night before? Did you wake up with a special someone?


- I woke up to them arguing over who would get my morning wood.
- This morning my doorman told me it was an accomplishment for me to be standing and conscious after last night.
- bought a large fruitopia from McDonalds at 7:45 this morning. Spilled it on the ground. Cried. THAT hungover.
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Phone keeps correcting good morning to "food moaning" and I like the way it thinks.
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it's like it knows you and how you work
i stole the cupcakes from your fridge hope you weren't saving them